Graphic designer in Strasbourg (fr), I run my own studio. In 2015, I graduated with a HDN graphic arts from the Gutenberg school and in 2018 from the DSAA graphic design at the ÉSAAB in Nevers.
During my Master of Graphic Design, I started a work of experimentation and research around the transposition between cinematographic editing and editorial construction. This study object (available online) is still in progress.  My work focuses on print, although I consider myself eclectic as regards my skills because I also share an interest in the digital medium.

My career, my encounters and my collaborations have enriched my approach to graphic design thanks to the actors of the design and the art as: Vincent Perrottet, Alexandru Balgiu, Jan in Randoald, Tombolo Presses, Ravisius Textor, Sarah Kremer, Angeline Ostinelli, Antoine Bertaudière, Florence Aknin, Thierry Chancogne, David des Moutis, Léa Fournier, Jules Durand, Loïc Galland, Victor Sirot, Valentin Garcia, Laura Lhuillier (and many others).

1- The transposition between editing and editorial construction, 2018.

Work around the exchange between film and publishing (books and posters).

2- Editing gloves, 2018.

Production during the workshop « Bibliotheca Somesthesica Nivernensis » with Alexandru Balgiu.

3- Study project, 2018.

Productions resulting from a study around the transposition between editing and editorial construction.

4- What edition does to art: extracts from a collection, 2017.

Photographs, retouching and montages for the book of the exhibition « What edition does to art, Extracts from a collection ». Supervised by Angeline Ostinelli, Antoine Bertaudière and Florence Aknin. Published by Tombolo Presses.

5- Cartons of the exhibition: What the edition does to art, 2017.

Cards made in collaboration with Valentin Garcia and Victor Sirot.

6- Posters What edition does to art, 2017.

Posters produced in collaboration with Valentin Garcia and Victor Sirot.

7- Sound translations of Flux paper events, 2017.

Work on the artist’s book Flux paper events by Georges Maciunas (1975). Flux paper events compiles various plastic phenomena relating to shaping, deconstruction of the page and the book: folding, gluing, punching, crumpling … It has something musical that led me to consider a sound translation. A transposition of the projected light spectrum into a sound reading.

8- Siri Island, 2017.

Poster realized in collaboration with Loïc galland during the workshop « Sandy Island » of Jan in Randoald.

9- Muthos, 2016.

Experimental notebook on the unique language.

10- ESAAB Monster party, 2017.

Poster tests for a student party.

11- "Where are we with the technical culture?", 2018.

Poster realized in collaboration with Jules Durand.

12- Graphic moment, 2016.

Posters realized for the micro festival « Graphic moment » in Chaumont in 2016.

13- Le Crew, 2014.

Report concluding my internship HND graphic industries in the agency Le Crew in Toulouse.